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  • Jurassic Park

    Movie Review | Ali | 25th September 2011

    And so, Jurassic Park week, the special event that was 65 million and 18 years in the making, comes to an end. We've laughed, we've cried, we've freaked out a little bit when Sam Neill tweeted his approval... Truly, there's nothing left to say about Jurassic Park that hasn't been said this w- Shit! The review!

  • Jurassic Park Week: Why I love Ian Malcolm, chaos nerd

    Movie Feature | Ali | 21st September 2011

    My favourite character from Jurassic Park is Ian Malcolm, the 'rogue element' and charismatic doombringer who correctly predicts that opening a theme park based around extinct animals isn't likely to pass health and safety regulations. I originally wrote this ode to Ian Malcolm in 2005, but republish it as part of Jurassic Park Week.