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  • Sixth-former wins competition to name Jesse Owens biopic

    Movie News | Ed Williamson | 27th November 2015

    "Because it's about a race, like running, yeah?" explained 17-year-old politics student Hugo Potench, smoking in that slightly nervous way that you can definitely tell means he doesn't enjoy it. "But it's also about RACE. Like, what happens to black people. Yeah?


  • You Ain't Seen Me, Right? - Kafka (1991)

    Movie Feature | Daniel | 11th February 2011

    Just as the Academy has cruelly ignored The A-Team in this year's Oscar noms, so too are we sometimes guilty of overlooking the occasional worthy film. You Ain't Seen Me, Right? is the weekly feature that points out these lesser-known gems and then bashes you round the head with them until you pay them the attention they deserve.