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  • New Bourne Legacy poster features extended armery

    Movie Feature | Ali | 26th July 2012

    A new poster for The Bourne Legacy has surfaced in Japan, but Jeremy Renner's limbs look completely out of proportion. Naturally we booted up Photoshop to make things right.

  • Action-packed new trailer for The BWWWwwwooourne Legacy

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 31st May 2012

    The new Bourne Legacy trailer looks pretty gosh dern special. Bonus: it was apparently scored by Skrillex.

  • Interview: Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner

    Movie Feature | Matt | 23rd April 2012

    Somehow, thanks to what I can only presume was some oversight in the security details for the cast of Avengers Assemble, I was allowed within dry-humping distance of the stars to ask them some questions about the film. I’ll be posting them all over the next few days, but firstly, here’s my interview with Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. Thank god I remembered to muffle my ankle bracelet that morning.

  • Six best moments at the Avengers Assemble press conference

    Movie Feature | Matt | 22nd April 2012

    JOURNALISTS ASSEMBLE! I had the pleasure of joining half of the media in the UK in attending the biggest press conference ever seen in Britain. Probably. It was pretty big. At one point there was a biscuit shortage.

  • The Avengers trailer neatly summarised by SlashFilm commenter

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 6th February 2012

    Leave it to the people of for the definitive commentary on the new trailer for The Avengers that debuted over the weekend.

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th December 2011

    How many straight-up action movies have you seen this year? Remove all the superhero movies, alien invasions and Jason Statham films (which, as we all know, don't play by conventional rules), and there have been precious few pulse-pounders that were rooted in reality. Being grounded is not something typically associated with Tom Cruise – indeed, in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol he comes closer than ever to his Space God, courtesy of the Burj Khalifa – but the return of Ethan Hunt and his IMF team should be welcomed in a year where far-out fantasy and outlandish action has so far reigned.

  • New Avengers banners likely to cause aggro in Liverpool

    Movie News | Ali | 19th November 2011

    Two brand new character banners for The Avengers have emerged, and don't worry, Scarlett Johansson's arse is featured as prominently as possible. Something tells me, though, that this campaign could be considered aggressive in Merseyside.

  • Never assemble Avengers individually

    Movie News | Ali | 1st October 2011

    Entertainment Weekly have released the first official pictures from the set of The Avengers, which is appropriate, because EW.

  • Jeremy Renner chooses to accept he's Mission: Impossible

    Movie News | Matt | 26th November 2010

    Jeremy Renner has confirmed that he is to replace Tom Cruise as the lead star of all future Mission: Impossible films. And all he had to do to get the gig is sacrifice his first-born to the alien scientology god Xarthu and promise never to speak to his own family ever again.

  • The Town

    Movie Review | Matt | 23rd September 2010

    Ben Affleck: talented actor whose career undeservingly suffered after the Bennifer affair, or punchably smug media-rapist? Personally, I've always had a soft spot for the lunk-headed grinner - he was, after all, the bomb in Phantoms, yo - but, either way, few can deny that he has managed to recover a lot of credibility post-Gigli. And while Jenny from the Block now languishes in terrible wrong-coms, Affleck continues to 'win the break-up' (let it go, people, it was six years ago) with this well-crafted crime thriller.