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  • Discussion: Impossible - Mission: Impossible (1996)

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Matt Looker, Becky Suter, Ed Williamson | 11th July 2018

    As you might have guessed from this feature's title, I've gathered together the great and good to discuss all five Mission: Impossible movies, before the sixth installment bungees through the skylight and shoots us all with its fun-gun. I was going to call it 'Chattin' Impossible' before Matt came up with the above title (actual WhatsApp quote: "Jesus Christ do I have to do everything"). Hopefully it'll go just as well as the exhaustive Marvel Cinematic Universe walkthrough we started and abandoned after three movies. Let's begin Discussion: Impossible!

  • Ray Donovan acting class: how to demonstrate range by standing

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 30th July 2014

    You've got it all here: Eddie Marsan's threatening sideways lean, Jon Voight's insouciant turn askance, Liev Schrieber's straightahead hands-in-pockets furrowed look, Pooch Hall's lean with added gangsta hands, and Dash Mihok's unaccountable leg-spreading. There's not a male character archetype in the entire acting gamut that isn't covered by one of these stances. (I managed five episodes.)

  • New Fox Show Good: No-one Cares

    TV Rant | Kirsty | 22nd September 2010

    The end of September brings with it Autumn, the DFS sale and so many new shows your viewing device of choice might explode. Some programmes will make it, some will perish – that’s the circle of TV life – but occasionally some are dashed against the ratings rocks and prematurely bite it. For every NCIS there is a FlashForward.