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  • Sully: Miracle On The Hudson

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 29th November 2016

    In times of crisis, look to Hanks. America's on its arse and what it needs now more than ever is a man whose Twitter account is dedicated to finding gloves on the streets of New York, not making baseless claims of voter fraud. Inferno got it wrong, but Sully understands better what sort of hero Hanks can be: the kind who manages to land a malfunctioning aeroplane but afterwards just wants everyone to stop going on about it.

  • The Fifth Estate

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 10th October 2013

    You are the Fifth Estate, it says on the poster. That's right, you. Not me: I'm busy with other stuff, but I'll cover for you when you're on holiday if you like. What this means is that, in the digital age (*spits*), beyond the realm of the news media, all of us have a voice and so all of us are responsible for holding institutions and elected officials to account. Shit, and all we've been using it for is highlighting the fact that Russell Crowe has a wang on his hat.

  • Hyde Park On Hudson

    Movie Review | Matt | 2nd February 2013

    Bill Murray is great, isn't he? Is there any other person in the world with whom you'd rather have a chance encounter? He's like a mischievous uncle that you'd want to hang out with all the time; you could have a laugh and be sarcastic and pull funny faces. And then you'd introduce him to your friends because he's so cool and he'd get on with them too, sometimes even meeting them when you're not there and he'd probably make fun of you then and they'd laugh because they all like him better than you anyway and... actually, that would be awful. Fuck Bill Murray. That mad, magnificent bastard.

  • TV Trails: The Big C - not as serious as cancer

    TV Video | Kirsty | 9th August 2010

    Cancer's hilarious, isn't it? Wait... no, I'm thinking of jokes. Jokes are hilarious; cancer is, as a general rule, scary and sad. Well, rules are made to be broken and as Patch Adams tells us, laughter is the best medicine. Except for chemotherapy.