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  • 11 worst movie lines of 2010

    Movie Feature | Ali | 27th December 2010

    You've already seen our list of guilty pleasures from 2010, and with awesomely bad movies comes awesomely bad dire-logue - the lines that drop out of character's mouths like turds out of bumholes. Enjoy!

  • Legion

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th March 2010

    When angels are portrayed in the movies, they are usually benevolent guides that show desperate businessmen what life would be like if they didn't exist. Not so with Legion: this angel doesn't just have a dirty face, he has guns and mad fisticuff skills to boot. Think this seems like utter nonsense already? Just you wait.

  • Insane red-band Legion trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 13th August 2009

    Pack some fresh pants, everyone - it's the end of the World again. Only this time, it looks like it could be pretty goddamn cool. Angels with machine guns? Oh my!