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  • Life Of Pi

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th December 2012

    Yann Martel's novel The Life Of Pi is one of those books that many people - myself included - will swear is one of their all-time favourite reads. A gripping tale that is, above all else, a life-affirming study of survival and faith. And now, after almost 10 years of trying to get a movie adaptation off the ground, the supposedly 'unfilmable' story is brought to life in such magnificent, spectacular fashion that, well you might as well no longer bother with the book. Seriously, this is pretty much the gist of it. And reading takes ages anyway.

  • Even Life Of Pi contains product placement

    Movie Feature | Matt | 2nd November 2012

    To be fair, you just can't waste an opportunity like that. (IMP).

  • Countdown to Life Of Pi being spoiled completely in 5, 4, 3.14159

    Movie News | Luke | 14th June 2012

    Because the little kid in it is named "Pi", and there's a transcendental number also called pi. Did you like my joke? Please say yes.