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  • LFF 2016: A Monster Calls

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 8th October 2016

    It's a tricky thing to underpin the emotional core of your movie with a giant CGI monster. Hypothetically speaking, you could have a massive tree creature offering support to a little boy coping with his mother's terminal illness and, every time he walks away, some members of the audience might get distracted by the behemoth's huge bark-buttocks chafing with every step. Hypothetically speaking.

  • LFF 2016: Into The Forest

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 6th October 2016

    There's nothing like starting your annual London Film Festival experience with a French movie about a small boy who sees visions of a terrifying man-monster while being held captive in the woods by his increasingly erratic and abusive father. Happy LFF, everyone! (*dons subtitle glasses*)

  • What to watch: Your guide to this year's BFI London Film Festival

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 2nd September 2015

    The full programme of the 2015 BFI London Film Festival has finally been released and you may be left wondering "What are all these films I haven't heard of?", or "How come so many of them are foreign? This is the LONDON Film Festival", or indeed "When's the next Hunger Games movie out again?". Well, fear not - we have all the answers right here. Well, all except for the ones to those three specific questions.

  • #LFF2013: All Is Lost

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 6th October 2013

    The ocean must surely be the greatest villain in history. Sparkly on the outside, deadly beneath the surface. Fun to frolic in, but home to some of nature's greatest predators. It even waves at you then pulls you under. Yet still, posh nobs with sailboats and too much spare time attempt to tame the ocean by skiffing on its face - and we're supposed to be surprised when it gets angry and tries to claim them.

  • The 2013 London Film Festival is about to get all up in your grill

    Movie Feature | Neil, Ali, Matt, Ed, Rob | 4th September 2013

    The full programme for the 2013 London Film Festival was revealed this morning to an Odeon Leicester Square packed full of critics, journos and bloggers so corpulent from all the free chocolate and pastry dished out that the entire front wall of the cinema had to be removed for us to exit. Then the whole building collapsed and exploded and a giant sexy alien came out of it and ate Mark Kermode. All right it didn't, but if it had it still wouldn't have been as exciting as the line-up of movies just announced.

  • MotherFUCKER.

    Movie News | Ali | 1st August 2013

    Can someone lend me £30+VAT? I've got a thing in October.

  • Preview: BFI London Film Festival 2011 showing films (in London)

    Movie News | Ali | 8th September 2011

    Insert your own gag about pastries nnnnnnnnow.