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  • Lovelace

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 25th August 2013

    It's The '70s! Hooray! I Heart The '70s! Do you remember The '70s? I do! If I wasn't gliding around a roller-rink listening to disco music in hot-pants, I was sunbathing next to the swimming pool at my mom's house listening to an AM radio, phoning the DJ to request Bachman-Turner Overdrive multiple times and giggling with my best friend who won't figure hugely in my later life. Do you know what the best thing about The '70s was, though? Apart from the fonts. There were some great fonts in The '70s. No no, the best thing about The '70s was porn!

  • The marketing for Lovelace is kind of hard to swallow

    Movie Feature | Matt | 12th August 2013

    Serious, harrowing drama it may be, but you can guarantee that the marketing bods behind the promotional campaign for Lovelace went through two dozen blowjob gags before finding one that they thought they could get away with.

  • Too easy: Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace in biopic

    Movie News | Ali | 4th May 2010

    Broke-ass struggling actress Lindsay Lohan to play broke-ass struggling actress Linda Lovelace in new biopic, Inferno. Quantity of head given by each woman is not suitable conversation for a movies blog.