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  • Split

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 19th January 2017

    Some actors go their whole lives without being offered a role as tasty as James McAvoy's character in Split. You've heard of roles being described as "scenery chewing"? In Split, M Night Shyamalan basically builds his sets out of beef jerky and invites McAvoy to tuck in. It's full-on Willy Wonka. As kidnapper Kevin who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities to you, me and I), McAvoy effectively has free reign of a buffet comprised of equal parts cheese, ham and bananas.

  • You snooze you lose, After Earth

    Movie Feature | Ali | 24th December 2012

    Sorry After Earth, but Oblivion got there first in the 'Tiny lone figure stands among the mist with his spaceship, staring at a futuristic wasteland and a distant waterfall, above a minimalistic white logo' stakes.

  • Will Smith Jr joins new M Night ShyamaLOL sci-fi movie

    Movie News | Ali | 21st October 2010

    It's called The Littlest Arsebender. Not really. That was childish.

  • Devil

    Movie Review | James | 19th September 2010

    The well-documented declining fortunes of M. Night Shyamalan - last seen squatting down over your local Odeon and squeezing out The Last Airbender for your viewing displeasure - have reached a point now where the shamed twist-peddler has been forced into a new career.

  • The Last Airbender

    Movie Review | Rob | 11th August 2010

    It's easy to ridicule M. Night Shyamalan. The ex- golden boy of Hollywood, with his clever, never-saw-it-coming twists, has been reduced to a laughing stock; his reputation in tatters after the atrocities that were Lady In The Water and The Happening.

  • Shyamalan's The Last Airbender to get shitty post-op 3D treatment

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd April 2010

    As long as filmmakers keep reaching for that extra 3D dollar, we'll keep Photoshopping dumb little 3D glasses on their characters' faces.

  • Parp! The Last Airbender trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th February 2010

    Hur hur hur. 'Airbender'.