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  • Sing

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 24th January 2017

    I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to take my two-year-old son on his first trip to the cinema. Well, actually, I suppose I can. It's been two years. Obviously. But that wait finally came to an end with this movie, one which I thought might be an appropriate introduction to the big screen for him because a) it's about singing cartoon characters, and b) it wasn't written by Seth Rogen. Of course, I was still fully prepared for failure. Expecting a toddler to stay still and quiet in a chair surrounded by strangers for nearly two hours? Surely impossible. And yet, that's exactly what he did, while fixated on the movie. So whatever I say in this review from now on, know that my son – easily closer in age to the target demographic than I – rates it 10 out of 10 choo-choo trains or whatever.

  • Interstellar

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 5th November 2014

    As long as Christopher Nolan continues to exist, do we really need Steven Spielberg any more? Ol' King Noles is doing a darn fine job of delivering mega-bucks events movies with small and personal stories at the core; gigantic, universe-expanding motion pictures anchored by daddy issues, the kind which Beardo used to smash out on a regular basis. Interstellar is the latest Chris Nolan project to take a leaf out of Spielberg's playbook - once upon a time it was a Steven Spielberg project after all - and it bears the hallmarks of both directors: it's an ambitious, challenging sci-fi that takes one small step for blockbuster cinema but ultimately remains accessible to all. All the talk of Kubrick and 2001 is light years off the mark: Interstellar is the kind of space odyssey that has only shameless, monolothic entertainment on the agenda.

  • Where's MY bloody Oscar, asks Todd Carty

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 3rd March 2014

    In a statement via his press officer earlier today, Todd Carty demanded to know why, when you're basically guaranteed an Oscar for playing anyone with AIDS, he never got one for playing Mark Fowler in Eastenders. A spokesman for Matthew McConaughey responded, surprisingly quickly, that Mark Fowler "only ever had HIV", which from an acting perspective was "a completely different kettle of fish". In response, a Carty representative said:

    Yeah, fair enough.
    McConaughey is said to have liked it when Mark tricked Nick Cotton into falling off the viaduct.

  • True Detective poster validates my entire reason for being, probably

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 9th December 2013

    Another year draws to a close, and I hunch over the laptop and begin to put together the top 20 list. It strikes me that I have watched every episode of at least 25 shows, and I stop short of totalling up the number of hours' viewing for fear the self-analysis will leave me howling into the abyss. Have ... have I wasted my life? Then I see this poster, and watch these promos, and know beyond doubt that this is my life's work. Which is handy, because watching TV's not all that hard.

  • Harrelson, McConaughey, seemingly not stoned, to be on telly

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 27th November 2013

    I don't know what's more surprising: the fact that two of my favourite actors are in an upcoming HBO series or that it appears they managed to hang out together for long enough to film it without ripping enough bongloads to stun a bison.

  • So Tiptoes is a film that exists...

    Movie Feature | Matt | 14th November 2013

    You'd better believe this is "a role in a lifetime" for Gary Oldman. How did this ever get made? (via Popbitch)

  • Mud

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 6th May 2013

    For a pigeonholed Hollywood star, performing a dramatic volte-face and stubbornly refusing to take on the types of project for which you're famous can't be easy. Our relationship with stars is tied up too fully in the idea of recognisable archetypes to make it so. Planning on casting Ray Liotta as a romantic leading man any time soon? Nope, but we've got an opening for a crooked cop if he's interested. So what Matthew McConaughey has achieved in the last couple of years is truly remarkable: to graduate from lightweight romcom go-to-guy to one of the most magnetic screen actors around.

  • The Paperboy

    Movie Review | Matt | 14th March 2013

    Getting booed at Cannes just isn't the indicator of quality that it should be. The world's finest film critics all in one screening feeling so appalled by the movie in front of them that they are compelled to collectively voice their disdain in the rudest way possible? That film has to be utter balls, right? And yet, as previous Cannes booees The Tree Of Life and Antichrist have proven, all it usually means is that the film offers something markedly different that polarises viewers. As it is with The Paperboy. But did I love it or hate it? See, that's the problem: I don't even know.

  • Sahara

    Movie Review | Richard | 13th April 2005

    One thing that no man should ever have to witness upon being dragged to see a film by a friend is "Based on the book by Clive Cussler". I saw those words and my blood ran cold; I swear to God, I'd rather watch a film with "Based on the ideology of Pol Pot" in the opening credits. Cussler occupies the same li...