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  • Review: Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is a dreary mess of titanic proportions

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 29th May 2019

    To all those that said Gareth Edwards' Godzilla was a bore, or that it was slow, or that it took too long to reveal the beast himself, this one's on you, because this new monster mêlée follow-up is a megatomic nuke to the senses. It's a relentless shit-storm of mayhem and bullshit that attempts spectacle but delivers shaky-cam confusion and exhausted clichés for optimum headaches and head-shakes. It's a slog, an onslaught of expensive oblivion and a brain-fouling juggernaut of chaos. Although, I realise some of you may actively want all of this from your giant monster stories.

  • Review: Shin Godzilla

    Movie Feature | Becky Suter | 10th August 2017

    I love this monster and his curvy body. As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to amphibians on the giant side, ones who were bigger and scalier, monsters that the average (basic) film-goer might refer to as "scary" or even "ridiculous."

  • LFF 2016: A Monster Calls

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 8th October 2016

    It's a tricky thing to underpin the emotional core of your movie with a giant CGI monster. Hypothetically speaking, you could have a massive tree creature offering support to a little boy coping with his mother's terminal illness and, every time he walks away, some members of the audience might get distracted by the behemoth's huge bark-buttocks chafing with every step. Hypothetically speaking.

  • If other monster movies had 'blood relatives' like 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 21st March 2016

    10 Cloverfield Lane is the latest mystery box from man/magician JJ Abrams: a revolutionary new sort-of-sequel to his 2008 monster movie classic Cloverfield. He calls it a "blood relative" but what this means in real terms is "a sequel in all but name only". It's a technique that could catch on in the monster genre - spin-offs that springboard off an iconic monster attack but focus on something way less spectacular (and way cheaper to create). We humbly present the next 10 revolutionary new sort-of sequels to monster movie classics. That's right, JJ. We've bust your mystery box wide open.

  • Christmas Playlist: The Best Of 2013

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 21st December 2013

    It's Christmas, apparently, not that you'd notice. So here's The Shiznit's present to you: a shiny Spotify playlist of the best bits of movie music from 2013. It was that or a PS4, but we knew you'd rather have the chance to listen to the Iron Man Three theme again than receive the world's most advanced games console for free.

  • Jameson Cult Film Club: Monsters

    Movie Feature | Matt | 9th March 2011

    Those crazy drunken folk at Jameson Cult Film Club went and done another one of their spectacular screenings last week, with actors, props and lots of buzzing movie fans all celebrating the brilliance of Monsters (No. 10 in the 's Top Movies of 2010, dontcha know). There was even a Q&A with writer-director-and-thoroughly-nice-bloke Gareth Edwards beforehand. And of course, there was whiskey. By god, was there whiskey…

  • Gareth Edwards to direct another monster

    Movie News | Chris | 5th January 2011

    Gareth Edwards will direct another American Godzilla reboot. If his first feature is any indication, this movie will feature bland, barely talented actors in the lead roles, only this time they'll be Japanese.

  • Monsters

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st December 2010

    Maybe it's because I'm partial to a good alien invasion story. Maybe it's because I like to champion the British underdog. Maybe - just maybe - it's because it reminds me of Jurassic Park. Whatever the reason, Monsters might just be my new favourite monster movie. Maybe it's the title. You know what you're getting from a movie called Monsters. Monsters.

  • Pixar confirm Monsters Inc 2

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd April 2010

    They're the animation house that "doesn't do sequels", but following shortly after Toy Story 3 and Cars 2, Pixar will release Monsters Inc 2.

  • Monster Squad to be remade

    Movie News | Matt | 19th March 2010

    Another reason to kick Hollywood in the nards.