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  • If Microsoft made Chappie

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 4th March 2015

    Remember how annoying Office assistant Clippy was? Now imagine him voiced by Sharlto Copley. "Ay, ewe look like you're roitin a fockin' littah!

  • Elysium

    Movie Review | Neil | 9th August 2013

    There is a point in Elysium when Matt Damon's character Max DeCosta suffers a massive dose of radiation in an accident in his workplace. At that moment the film looks like it could go one of two ways: either it's a lengthy commercial for a "no win, no fee" claims handler (don't do it Max, go to Citizens Advice), or it's a superhero origin story, and Damon is about to slip into some lycra and kill people with his granite-hard man boobs. You'll be unsurprised to read that Elysium is in fact neither, which is great for those of us who hate those ads, but less good for anyone who was hoping for MaxMan: Tits Of Thunder.

  • How to make Elysium appeal to the under 12s

    Movie Feature | Ali | 11th April 2013

    Move mouse over image to maximise box office

    It's the ultimate buddy movie! He's a man with machine parts, his partner is a robot... who just wants to be human! Directed by Shawn Levy!

  • Well, the first trailer for Elysium looks POWERFULLY XTREME

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 10th April 2013

    Jokes. Seriously though, it looks chuffing great, even if it doesn't feature a dog and an orangutan in space.

  • Neill Blomkamp debuts mysterious new sci-fi short

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd November 2010

    South African wunderkid Neill Blomkamp has revealed a grisly new creature feature short film, which could be a teaser for his follow-up to District 9. Or it could not. How fussed are you? A little? Then read on.

  • Giant robots short to become a movie

    Movie News | Matt | 29th November 2009

    Uruguyan filmmaker Federico Alvarez is set to become the new Neill Blomkamp after his sci-fi short film Panic Attack attracted the interest of Sam Raimi. Check it out - it's got giant robots in it. S'cool.

  • Sharlto Copley to play Howlin' Mad Murdock?

    Movie News | Matt | 10th September 2009

    The offers come flooding in when you're riding high at the box office - if you believe the rumour (and frankly, we're not sold), Sharlto Copley is being lined up to star as Howlin' Mad Murdock in the new A-Team flick.

  • District 9

    Movie Review | Ali | 3rd September 2009

    Alien skirmishes. Big guns. Badass military hardware. Interstellar war. Yeah, the Halo movie would have been pretty cool. Alas, with credit being crunched at every corner, a $200m budget was deemed too expensive for a mere videogame movie (but a toy movie? Well, that's another story) and the project was canned. Bummer.

  • The short films of Neill Blomkamp

    Movie Feature | Ali | 13th August 2009

    Embargo prevents me from telling you just how totally awesome District 9 is, so in the meantime, here are director Neill Blomkamp's short films, including Alive In Joburg aka District 8 and a half.