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  • Oblivion

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th April 2013

    Joseph Kosinski made his directorial debut with Tron: Legacy, a movie that boasted the sleek lines of an Apple product with about as much narrative thrust as the iTunes terms and conditions. With Oblivion, his second movie as director and his first as screenwriter, Kosinski keeps the slick, glossy sheen of his sophomore effort (trading black for white) but bolts it onto an involving, expansive sci-fi that asks more of you than simply to ogle its gorgeous curves. Though it shares similarities with many iconic works of science-fiction, including The Matrix, 2001 and one recent movie that would act as a spoiler if I named it, Oblivion nonetheless makes a bold attempt to be remembered on its own terms thanks to a dazzling arrangement of future tech and some truly satisfying plot twists.

  • You snooze you lose, After Earth

    Movie Feature | Ali | 24th December 2012

    Sorry After Earth, but Oblivion got there first in the 'Tiny lone figure stands among the mist with his spaceship, staring at a futuristic wasteland and a distant waterfall, above a minimalistic white logo' stakes.

  • Prometheus + War Of The Worlds = Oblivion

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 9th December 2012

    So we're more or less an Oblivion fan site now.

  • I can't look at the new Oblivion poster without thinking of this

    Movie Feature | Matt | 8th December 2012

    Hover your mouse over the image

    Luckily he can still get around in his little matchbox spaceship (via IMP).