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  • Deliver Us From Evil

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 31st August 2014

    Have you ever had your enjoyment of a film completely derailed by a small, insignificant part of that movie? A niggle that becomes a bother than becomes all you can think about? I had that with possession thriller Deliver Us From Evil, a competent, forgettable horror flick from the guy who made Sinister. It's a fairly enjoyable movie, if a little flat and unambitious, but in terms of possession movies starring C-list actors with bad scripts, it's par for the course. Except for one thing. A single sound effect. Which ruins the entire movie.

  • A Japanese lesson for Aaron Sorkin

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 5th September 2012

    He can dash off ten pages of clever, snappy, Oscar-winning dialogue in about three minutes, but when it comes to the basics of Japanese grammar? Very poor, Sorkin. See me.