Pacific Rim

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  • Christmas Playlist: The Best Of 2013

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 21st December 2013

    It's Christmas, apparently, not that you'd notice. So here's The Shiznit's present to you: a shiny Spotify playlist of the best bits of movie music from 2013. It was that or a PS4, but we knew you'd rather have the chance to listen to the Iron Man Three theme again than receive the world's most advanced games console for free.

  • Battle your own monsters with our Pacific Rim poster playset

    Movie Feature | Luke | 12th July 2013

    Pacific Rim is out in cinemas today (Ali's glowing review here), and sure watching giant monsters mangle giant robots is all well and good, but what if you could control the action yourself? Well now you can: behold, our interactive Pacific Rim poster playset!

  • Pacific Rim deleted scene shows ineffectual British Jaeger

    Movie Feature | Neil | 8th July 2013

    Tragically Britain's last line of defence against inter-dimensional monsters was destroyed in the Battle Of Hyde Park, but was heard to mutter "Kaiju, I was properly humbled" as it sank to the bottom of the Serpentine. (ITV)

  • Pacific Rim

    Movie Review | Ali | 8th July 2013

    Pacific Rim isn't a monster movie. Don't let the presence of giant man-made robots fighting gigantic hellbeasts fool you. What Guillermo del Toro has done with Pacific Rim is what no other filmmaker has done in the creature feature genre for decades – take a bona fide B-movie concept with a triple-A budget and make it matter. In just a few minutes of pre-credits back-story, del Toro paints a picture of a changed world that hangs in the balance: the arrival of 25,000 tonne monsters from another dimension, the cities that fell, humanity's response, the inevitable false dawn when we started winning. That neat set-up acts as a pre-bout bell ring, but when Jaeger eventually meets Kaiju on the Pacific Rim battlefield, it doesn't feel like a mere monster movie – it feels like a goddamn war film.

  • I think we all know who the real monster is, Pacific Rim trailer

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 13th December 2012

    First contact with aliens and we build giant robots purely to punch their faces in. Welcome to Earth.