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  • Doctor Who's identity crisis

    TV Feature | Iain Robertson | 17th October 2014

    The current series of Doctor Who has been one of the most successful in recent years. The episodes have been pretty much universally praised by critics and fans alike, and the reaction to the latest incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, has been unanimously positive. So why aren't I enjoying it as much as everyone else seems to be?

  • gives strong endorsement of Scottish independence

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 31st December 2013

    In a move clearly intended to convey its support for the movement for an independent Scotland, yesterday posted a provocative article that refused to acknowledge that a Scottish accent is British. In doing so it joined the ranks of Scottish nationalist advocates for the cause that include Sir Sean Connery and The Proclaimers. "We're glad to have them on board," said Craig Proclaimer.

  • The Fifth Estate

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 10th October 2013

    You are the Fifth Estate, it says on the poster. That's right, you. Not me: I'm busy with other stuff, but I'll cover for you when you're on holiday if you like. What this means is that, in the digital age (*spits*), beyond the realm of the news media, all of us have a voice and so all of us are responsible for holding institutions and elected officials to account. Shit, and all we've been using it for is highlighting the fact that Russell Crowe has a wang on his hat.

  • Well I for one did not see this Doctor Who announcement coming

    Movie News | Ali | 4th August 2013

    The signs were there, we just didn't know where to look. (Peter Capaldi announced as new Doctor Who).

    Edit: For fuck's sake.

  • World War Z

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 19th June 2013

    Bloody globalisation. It's not enough to have a film about a bunch of jocks and hot co-eds being chased by a few zombies any more. Now they've got to be taking over the whole world. Or so you'd think: new summer tentpole Pitt-flick World War Z might want to be the blockbuster its marketing suggests, but it has a schizophrenic tendency to flit between bombast and quiet contemplation. Which would be fine, except that all of its best ideas have already been done better elsewhere.