Quantum Of Solace

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  • Blogalongabond #22: Quantum Of Solace

    Movie Feature | Luke | 22nd October 2012

    In our penultimate Blogalongabond entry, we tackle Marc Forster's oft-misunderstood Quantum Of Solace the only way we know how: BY BLOWING STUFF UP WITH GUNZ GRRRRR (*flexes and pulls muscle at same time*)

  • An observation regarding Quantum Of Solace

    Movie Feature | Luke | 8th October 2012

    Watching Quantum Of Solace over the weekend to get some game ideas, I noticed something that is either going to improve the film for you, or ruin it immeasurably. Click through to find out what that is.

  • Mr White: 'Bond movies are shit'

    Movie News | Ali | 21st February 2010

    It's safe to say Quantum baddie Mr White will probably not be returning to the James Bond franchise, after tearing into the last two movies.

  • Sam Mendes to direct Bond 23

    Movie News | Ali | 5th January 2010

    American Beauty director Sam Mendes is in talks to helm the new James Bond movie, with a 2011 release looking likely. So, what odds on 007 suffering a midlife crisis and knocking one off in the shower?

  • Quantum Of Solace

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th October 2008

    Where does a character go once he's been reinvented? Stripped down to the bare essentials, the James Bond of Casino Royale - the 007 that Ian Fleming would have approved of - proved extremely popular with audiences and critics alike, enough for them wipe the slate clean and agree to start afresh. Bond now rebooted, battered phys...