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  • Red State

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th September 2011

    Matt reviewed Red State earlier this month. As it's out today, here's a fresh reminder of his crazy thoughts and opinions.

    In recent years, the loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed Kevin Smith has become the very antithesis of his former silent onscreen persona. With a network of daily updated podcasts sprawling out from his website, Smith is even intent on giving up filmmaking altogether so he can just…um…‘talk’ for a living. But after Cop Out was torn to shreds by ‘biased critics out to get him’, Red State is a one-man retort railing against the Hollywood system. For all his often very funny stoner ramblings, it seems that, with this film, Smith is actually trying to say something.

  • Two incredible Kevin Smith facts from the Red State press release

    Movie News | Ali | 1st September 2011

    Regardless of what I thought about Red State (review coming soon), there are two fantastic facts about Our Kev in the movie's press release that are too good not to share. There's me thinking I knew him!

  • Kevin Smith still smashing the system, being an insufferable berk

    Movie News | Ali | 4th July 2011

    That Kevin Smith, he's a loose cannon! He's a maverick! He's a liability! He's self-distributing his new movie, Red State, and making a total hash of it! But what do I know: I'm just a critic. (*boo hiss etc*)

  • Teaser trailer for Red State, Kevin Smith's horror movie

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 24th December 2010

    Kevin Smith is making a horror movie? I'm scared already.

  • You Ain't Seen Me, Right? - Altered States (1980)

    Movie Feature | Daniel | 10th December 2010

    You've had your fighting robot stories this week, now it's time for your proper film education stuff. You can't have your dessert without eating your mash and peas first.