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  • The Flintstones at 50

    TV News | Kirsty | 1st October 2010

    I scoured the internet for examples of why The Flintstones have endured for 50 years, and I found hundreds of heart warming, amusing and clever vignettes.
    Having said that, here’s Wilma saying bollocks.

  • Pixels: Retro Gamers - now to become a full-length movie

    Movie News | Matt | 13th May 2010

    Every inch of this short film is made from awesome.

  • Grindhouse

    Movie Review | Ali | 9th March 2008

    If you're looking for proof that America is a nation dangerously low on brain cells, then don't look to their president, their love of NASCAR or the success of Two And A Half Men - look at the cinema-going public and their increasingly erratic choices. In April last year, cinema patrons spectacularly failed to recognise a great ...

  • Planet Terror

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th November 2007

    Robert Rodriguez's half of the summer's biggest sensation finally hops into UK cinemas, left choking on the exhaust of Death Proof and hoping the dust of the Grindhouse debacle has well and truly settled. Still, if you're willing to overlook the 'two movies for the price of two' screwjob, then you'll have no doubt enjoyed Tarant...

  • Death Proof

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th August 2007

    Quentin Tarantino is not the unstoppable force we once thought he was. There was a time when he could do no wrong - his new movies were eagerly anticipated like no others, his name attached to a project was a guaranteed seal of quality and every fevered word that flew out his mouth and past his gigantic chin was like a dagger in...