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  • The Box

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th December 2009

    I am not a fan of David Lynch. Personally, I take the Moe Szylak approach to describing his post-modern art-farts: "Y'know... Weird for the sake of weird." The example I always use in my argument is the alley troll in Mulholland Drive; a shocking moment, but one that actually made sense when the project was being shot as a TV series - Lynch, unwilling to waste film, simply left the scene in, but free of context. See? Weird for the sake of weird.

  • Overrated Movies #2: Donnie Darko

    Movie Feature | Andy | 25th March 2005

    There have been many good films about time travel in the past - Back to The Future, Back to The Future 2, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fave Time Chasers, Planet of The Apes and Freejack. Donnie Darko isn't one of them. Described as "cool", "classic" and "cult" by various beret-wearing critics wh...