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  • Review: The Devil All The Time explores the root of good ol' American evil

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 7th October 2020

    Ahh Friday night, another week from hell over, time to unwind with a movie. And what's this - a new one starring Spider-Man, Bucky from Avengers, and the latest Batman? What is it, some sort of Marvel/DC crossover? And it's got the word 'devil' in the title too? Sounds like a recipe for some exciting spooky comic book action! I don't see how this can possibly be an upsetting experience! Good times ahead! Get in loser, we're going to have fun!

  • Review: Tenet once again shows that Christopher Nolan is ahead of his time

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 31st August 2020

    In case anyone still hasn’t realised it yet, Christopher Nolan loves time. He loves it soooo much. He wants to marry time and have sweet little pocket-watch babies. He wants to go to prison so that he can ’do’ time. Because if he’s not telling an entire film in reverse chronological order like in Memento, or revealing multiple flashbacks within flashbacks like in The Prestige, he’s creating a story in which three separate narratives that run over distinctly different time periods all unfold simultaneously, like in Inception and Dunkirk. Time is Christopher Nolan’s life, and he is having the best of it. Which is why Tenet can easily be seen as the most Christopher Nolan film that Christopher Nolan has made so far - it brings this particular favourite theme of his into sharp focus. Frankly, It’s about time.

  • Review: The King is a noble effort, if not majestic, rings Hollow, etc.

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 20th November 2019

    To my shame as an Englishman I am not well-versed in the works of William Shakespeare. I know the gist of Romeo & Juliet, and that there's a character called Bottom in another one. But if you put me on the spot and told me to write an analysis of The Taming of the Shrew, you'd probably walk in on me on the toilet half an hour later watching YouTube tutorials on how to hypnotise small mammals. Not that I don't appreciate the plays - their effect on the world's culture is undeniable - just beyond my school years I've struggled to find the enthusiasm and time to really get into them. Don't ask me why I can recite Congo word-for-word, though.

  • LFF 2017: Good Time

    Movie Review | Becky Suter | 9th October 2017

    I like R-Pattz and I cannot lie. And you other brothers can’t deny that since he first sparkled on our screens, he’s done a good job of distancing himself from that tweenage vampire movie. Here in the latest feature from the Safdie brothers, Robert Pattinson is the best he’s ever been (don’t @ me), another stop on his impressive redemption tour to get as far away from Edward Cullen as possible. He’s made audacious choices at the best of times, and mainly beardy ones at that, but Good Time will show everyone that I was right all along and that Pattinson is as versatile an actor as he is fearless. I am always right about these things.

  • The Twilight posterface animated gif: My, haven't they grown?

    Movie Feature | Ali | 13th November 2012


  • Twilight has the most anodyne IMDB movie trivia ever

    Movie News | Ali | 25th October 2012

    I swear I'm not trying to shit on Twilight's parade, but... well, they just keep coming to me. For work reasons (honest injun) I had to look up some Twilight trivia, expecting some fun titbits of info and cool easter eggs. I was disappointed.

  • Rejoice: The Complete Twilight Defacement Project

    Movie Feature | Ali | 10th October 2012

    Updated: the full complement of defaced film stills from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies, ensuring no one will ever take Twilight seriously EVER AGAIN.

  • Memewatch: the stars of Twilight: Breaking Dawn run like the wind

    Movie Feature | Ali, Luke, Matt | 3rd October 2012

    Because really, when have we ever passed up an opportunity to shit all over Twilight?

  • The Twilight Defacement Project: breaking down Breaking Dawn Part 2

    Movie Feature | Ali, Luke | 27th June 2012

    To be honest, I forget why we started defacing every single new film still from the Twilight movies, but it's too much fun to stop.

  • Jesus vamping Christ, these new Twilight posters are boring

    Movie News | Ali | 25th May 2012

    Every single poster for the Twilight saga thus far has featured a gloomy background with a mopey bastard on it. Breaking Dawn Part 2 does not break trend. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are literally the poster children for inertia.