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  • Review: Alita: Battle Angel has one foot in the future, one in the past

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 13th February 2019

    Does James Cameron's name attached to a movie mean anything anymore? With the skidmark of Terminator Genisys refusing to fade from the collective pop culture underpant, and the inevitable Avatar sequel debacle still a few merciful years away, we have a new Cameron project to mull over in the meantime. Alita: Battle Angel, a live-action sci-fi epic based on a popular Japanese anime, has been on JC's to-do list since the early 2000s but he's finally delegated it off his plate, handing over his dusty old screenplay to best pal Robert Rodriguez. I don't like the phrase 'sloppy seconds', but, well, I've said it now, it's out there, and in actual fact, in saying it I've basically answered the question I set out in the first line, so here we are, the review has begun, strap yourselves in everyone.

  • Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 20th August 2014

    Nine years after the pages turned on Robert Rodriguez's first Sin City movie, and with at least three major parts recast, you can't help but think this Dame To Kill For is sashaying into town long after everyone has lost interest. Showing no signs of added maturity - if anything it's even more juvenile - this slick-yet-soulless sequel features the required quota of girls, guns and garrotting, but it's unlikely to win over those who were unimpressed by the same stiff sideshow almost a decade ago.

  • The Sin City 2 character poster you've all been waiting for

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 10th August 2014

    Powers Boothe is literally 20th on the cast list.

  • Machete Kills

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 11th October 2013

    So where are we at with Mel Gibson? Poor old racist, misogynist, anti-semitic, fly-off-the-handle Mel - have we forgiven him? I only ask because he's far and away the most entertaining thing about Machete Kills, yet I'm not sure if I laughed at his antics for genuine LOL-worthy reasons, or because of some weird residual fascination after that time he called a policewoman "sugar tits" and became one of Hollywood's most reliable loons for a while. Can it be both? For what is essentially a one-note joke, Machete Kills is full of questions.

  • New red-band Machete trailer features stabbing, swearing, tits

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 23rd July 2010

    Come to Mexico, they said!

  • Predators

    Movie Review | Ali | 7th July 2010

    The first thing any writer must do when they begin to pen their latest action odyssey is probably sigh, and resign themselves to the fact that, whatever film they end up writing, it won't be half as good as Predator. What Robert Rodriguez has done, by adapting his original 1994 script (written before both AvP debacles), is turn that theory on its head intentionally: with Predators, it almost seems like he's tried to make a movie exactly half as good as Predator. And that's fine by me.

  • Machete trailer es muy bueno!

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 5th May 2010

    Robert Rodriguez presents... the real trailer for the full-length movie of the fake trailer for Machete. Happy Cinco De Mayo! (I think that's like the Mexican "May the 4th be with you").

  • Will Megan Fox play Red Sonja?

    Movie News | Ali | 5th April 2010

    It's question mark in the headline time! Megan Fox has been touted to fill in for Rose McGowan in the long-awaited Red Sonja reboot. More importantly, will Robert Rodriguez be upgrading his girlfriend?

  • New Predators trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 19th March 2010

    At last, the first trailer for this Adrien Vs Predator nonsense has arrived and, against all odds, it actually looks pretty cool.

  • Predators poster reveals Beadle hand

    Movie News | Matt | 15th March 2010

    Watch out, Vagina-face is about.