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  • Review: The Haunting of Sharon Tate is ghoulish in all the wrong ways

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 24th May 2019

    Netflix have done it again! No, they haven't offered to fund any unfinished works by long-dead directors, and that wasn't meant in any kind of congratulatory tone. I wrote about the streaming service's apparent strategy of 'Poundlanding' bigger releases to lure in curious clickers recently, and while snapping up clones of creature features is cute and keeps Stanley Tucci in work, pushing a supernatural horror based on a notoriously grisly murder that has attracted lurid sensationalism over the years - purely because it's in the news again - is a whole new level of tastelessness.

  • Carnage

    Movie Review | Matt | 2nd February 2012

    If you type 'Carnage' into IMDB, you'll find it is the alternative title to The Nail Gun Massacre, A Bay Of Blood and even Prime Cut, an early Gene Hackman film about a cattle rancher who "grinds his enemies into sausage". It's the kind of title you'd expect to see propped up on the bargain shelf at Asda with a cover showing Stone Cold Steve Austin walking away from an exploding jeep. And yet here I am reviewing Roman Polanski's new low-key character-based comedy. It's almost a shame.

  • Forget it, Jake... It's (the Somerset House screening of) Chinatown

    Movie Feature | Ali | 3rd August 2011

    Well, sort of near Chinatown, anyway. I ventured out of my gaming chair to attend the Film4 Summer Screen showing of Chinatown at Somerset House. And you're going to hear all about it, whether you like it or not. (I hope you like it).

  • Win one of five copies of Roman Polanski's The Ghost on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 10th September 2010

    It's about politics! (*Boo!*) But also about murder! (*Yay!*)

  • The Ghost

    Movie Review | Anna | 18th April 2010

    Polanski's first film in five years has been met with a very mixed response. Little White Lies said "the whole movie is actually Polanski being, well, shit." The Guardian, however, considers the movie to be Polanski's "most purely enjoyable film for years." I'm going to have to embrace my inner Lib Dem and come down squarely in the middle with a solid-but-not-mind-blowing three stars.

  • Roman Polanski arrested in Zurich

    Movie News | Ali | 27th September 2009

    Controversial director Roman Polanski has been arrested while attending a film festival in Switzerland on a 31 year-old statutory rape charge. The whereabouts of japester Ashton Kutcher are as yet unknown.