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  • First trailer for Paul, Pegg/Frost's Area 51 road movie

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th October 2010

    It's like Super 8, but if JJ Abrams got, like, totally blazed.

  • New poster for The Green Hornet is much more like it

    Movie News | Ali | 16th October 2010

    Worried about how little we've heard about Michel Gondry's superhero action movie, The Green Hornet? Maybe this new poster will reassure you. Maybe not. It's only a poster after all.

  • Movie trailer: The Green Hornet

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 22nd June 2010

    Ever wondered what a Seth Rogen action movie directed by Michel Gondry might look like? No, no one has. But you're about to get your first look anyway.

  • Funny People

    Movie Review | Ali | 26th August 2009

    I'll make no bones about it: I'm a huge Judd Apatow fan. I count The 40 Year-Old Virgin as one of the most underrated comedies of the past decade (there's just something about this scene that slays me every time) and consider Knocked Up to be a near faultless comedy - one that wears its heart on its big dumb soppy sleeve.

  • Knocked Up

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th September 2007

    Comedy is the most fickle of genres - so many comedians have been called the Next Big Thing� only to be outed as one trick ponies a few films down the line. There's a constant shift in comedy that swirls round every few years and it looks like 2007 is a time for change; Ben Stiller is looking more like a monkey than ever; W...

  • You, Me And Dupree

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st July 2006

    You, Me And Dupree is a film that is almost instantly forgettable. Even now, a few hours after watching it, I'm struggling to remember character names - it's that slight. It must suck to be part of a film that, while you know it's not 100% awful by any means, is completely and totally average in every way. It'll have a limite...