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  • Masters of Sex: Season Two DVD

    TV Review | Iain Robertson | 31st May 2015

    Yes, you thought this site consisted solely of recaps of Mad Men and Catfish nowadays. Well, surprise. We also review shows that are a little bit like Mad Men.

  • 101 sexual special moves that don't appear in Fifty Shades Of Grey

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 12th February 2015

    This week sees the release of erotic adaptation Fifty Shades Of Grey, a movie which promised to bust wide open the sexual taboos of the modern repressed cinemagoer. Instead, it features a few boobs, about three ass cheeks and some light whipping. Whoop-de-doo.

  • The 2014 movie poster mash-up you didn't know you didn't want to see

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 7th August 2014

    I'm just sayin' what everyone be thinkin', yo. (Large here).

  • Masters of Sex: The Complete First Season DVD

    TV Review | Iain Robertson | 1st August 2014

    You can imagine the pitch meeting for Masters Of Sex: "It's like Mad Men – but with boobs!" Whilst it's not an entirely inaccurate description – there's lots of attractive people in fabulous period costumes, smoking, slow-burning plots aplenty and, yes, boobs (not to mention a never-ending parade of other body parts, both male and female) – it's very much its own show. For a start, at no point in Mad Men does anyone brandish a dildo called Ulysses, although Don could probably do one hell of an ad campaign for it.

  • Cool Sex Tape poster, but why is Cameron Diaz in her pants again?

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 18th March 2014

    I like the concept for this poster for Sex Tape - a movie starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz about a sex tape starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz - but it's one of the more flagrantly sexist posters I've seen recently. So Cameron Diaz has to appear in tiny pants but Jason Segel gets pyjamas? And socks? Don't get me wrong, I've seen enough of Jason Segel's genitals to last me a lifetime, but he could have at least rocked a boxer. TUT TUT.

  • Masters of Sex opening credits: a journey into innuendo

    TV Feature | Iain Robertson | 12th December 2013

    What exactly is Masters of Sex about? I attempted to work it out from the opening credits.

  • How to get a TV poster quote in two easy steps

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 6th November 2013

    One: say it's 'something meets something else', which always goes down well.

    Two: realise you need to be a much more successful website than you actually are in order to achieve this, so just Photoshop the quote in yourself and hope no one asks any probing questions.

  • #LFF2013: Don Jon

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 21st October 2013

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is impossible to dislike. The bastard. Attractive, talented, creative, industrious and brilliant at karaoke, he's the kind of self-made leading man who you actively will towards success – as opposed to all the no-talent shit-for-brain himbos for hire who I actively will towards homelessness. Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon is certainly an accomplished and confident first film, but I can't help but think a lot of the praise it's receiving is directed at its star and not its screenplay – subtract all the personal goodwill that Gordon-Levitt has banked over the years and Don Jon remains a good film, just perhaps not a great one.

  • The final Nymphomaniac poster

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 11th October 2013

    What? I thought we were all doing cum-faces. (Reminder: The Lonely Island were ace).

  • Lovelace

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 25th August 2013

    It's The '70s! Hooray! I Heart The '70s! Do you remember The '70s? I do! If I wasn't gliding around a roller-rink listening to disco music in hot-pants, I was sunbathing next to the swimming pool at my mom's house listening to an AM radio, phoning the DJ to request Bachman-Turner Overdrive multiple times and giggling with my best friend who won't figure hugely in my later life. Do you know what the best thing about The '70s was, though? Apart from the fonts. There were some great fonts in The '70s. No no, the best thing about The '70s was porn!