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  • Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: Iron Man 3 (2013)

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker, Ali Gray, Becky Suter, Luke Whiston, Ed Williamson | 14th January 2019

    It’s the first film of Phase 2, the last film of the Iron Man series, the seventh film of the MCU and now the latest reason for us to email each other again rather than just use WhatsApp or Snapchat or text like any other cool kids with smartphones and stuff. Oh shit, no one texts any more, do they? Gah, why am I so old?

  • Top 10 films of our lifetime #9: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 16th September 2014

    I think if I ever met Shane Black my love for him would be so overwhelmingly physical I'd probably end up getting him pregnant - and it's terrible lines like that which prove I'm not worthy. It seems bonkers that Black was ever off the boil, but pre-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - and certainly pre Iron Man 3, the best Marvel movie to date bar none - he was considered as big a risk as his star, Robert Downey Jr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a roaring success and one of the funniest movies I've ever seen; so good, but I can't help but think what classics we were denied during both Black and Downey Jr's fallow periods - Ali.

  • Iron Man 3

    Movie Review | Matt | 24th April 2013

    Just how do you follow The Avengers? Surely going back to single-hero stories after that huge-scale monster blockbuster just seems like a disappointing step backwards? God, Marvel have really dug themselves a billion-dollar hole, haven't they? I bet they’ve been puzzling over what to do next while using a solid-gold, diamond-encrusted head scratcher. Well, it's lucky for them that, as with phase one of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, this next chapter is being led by the shiniest instrument in their toolbox: Robert Downey Jr (who outshines even the most polished of Iron Man suits). And, with Shane Black in charge, we get more Downey Jr than ever before in what is not only the best Tony Stark film to date, but also Marvel's most mature output yet.

  • Prepare to have your ears ironed, or something

    Movie Feature | Neil | 23rd April 2013

    We're not allowed to unleash our Iron Man 3 - sorry, IRON MAN THREE - review until tomorrow, but I don't think anyone at IM PR HQ will pop a sprocket if we reveal that Brian Tyler's end credits music is BER-RILLIANT. Here be proof.

  • The 50 very worst YouTube user comments on the Iron Man 3 trailer

    Movie Feature | Ali | 9th March 2013

    Like you, and five million others, I enjoyed the new Iron Man 3 UK trailer earlier this week. Unlike you, I ventured deep into the subterranean nightmare that is the YouTube comments section to try and gauge the real public reaction. Spoiler alert: everyone is idiots.

  • Iron Man 3 trailer #2 shows off shiny new suit

    Movie News | Matt | 5th March 2013

    All white? ALL WHITE? Who does Tony Stark think he is? Roger Moore? (Trailer available here)

  • First Iron Man 3 set pic shows Tony Stark in reflective mood

    Movie Feature | Ali | 6th June 2012

    The first image from the set of Iron Man 3 has been released, and it's a moody one, with Tony Stark facing away from camera and taking stock of his life. Ooh, mysterious. Or is it?

  • Monster Squad to be remade

    Movie News | Matt | 19th March 2010

    Another reason to kick Hollywood in the nards.

  • Shane Black pens Doc Savage movie

    Movie News | Matt | 25th October 2009

    The best kick-ass writer of 80s and 90s action movies, Shane Black, is now apparently turning his pen to 30s comics - he has been tapped to write a script for a new Doc Savage movie. Doc Savage? Whatevs. Shane Black! Woooo!