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  • Review: The Peanut Butter Falcon is more than a silly nammm peanut butter

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 10th September 2020

    What cultural works wouldn't be improved with the addition of wrestling? Imagine John David Washington's Tenet protagonist performing a reverse suplex... in reverse! Or Queequeg acting as a hype man for Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. Or the Little Women charging towards the ring one by one in a furious royal rumble. Bargain Hunt cage match. See? There's a whole genre there waiting to be discovered. This is going somewhere.

  • Guess the Shia LaBeouf film from the #AllMyMovies screengrab

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 11th November 2015

    Infamous philoso-raptor Shia LaBeouf has an all-new performance project that will make you think like you have never thunk before. Get ready to have your mind bashed in with Shia's art truth!

  • Fury

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 17th October 2014

    War movies. Huh. Good God. What are they good for? By now, it feels like every manoeuvre, every landing and every battle of the Second World War has been fought and won or lost on screen. Subsequently, each new WWII movie has to prove its worth before a single shell has been fired or bomb dropped. David Ayer's Fury doesn't even bother pretending it's based on a true story, jumping straight into action with an ambush, a dead Nazi and a knife through the eye socket - and it gets progressively more grim from then on in.

  • Shia LaBeouf shocks press at Berlin premiere with candid statement

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 9th February 2014

    So brave. So deep. So true. (Original, much less interesting pic here).

  • Quote quiz: Shia LaBeouf philosophy or just a load of old shit we made up?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 2nd January 2014

    Shia LaBeouf has outdone himself in the last 30 days, first by plagiarising artist Daniel Clowes in his short film, then by plagiarising various famous apologies in response. Is it performance art of bellendery on a hitherto unparalleled scale? An interview with Bleeding Cool suggests the latter, so we offer you a quiz to see if you can spot the genuine Shia LaBeouf quote from the cod-philosophical twaddle we just made up.

  • Lawless

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th September 2012

    A period drama set during the Depression? Based on a popular, critically-acclaimed novel? Starring an ensemble cast of superb acting talent? Well surely nothing can stop this awards-garnering juggernaut from winning... wait, is that Shia LaBeouf? (*sharp intake of breath*)

  • In defence of Shia LaBeouf

    Movie Feature | Ali | 30th June 2011

    Nobody's favourite teen star Shia LaBeouf has been getting some stick lately, particularly from Harrison Ford, who called him a "fucking idiot" for ragging on Indiana Jones. Playing devil's advocate for a second, allow me to step up as LaBeouf's defence. Would the court please refrain from throwing rotten fruit until the summary.

  • Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th June 2011

    Though I've still not quite recovered from giving Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen four stars upon release – both from the kicking I got in the comments and the subsequent shock when I rewatched it in horror on DVD – I am still very much in the broad demographic targeted by Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise: people who like to see shit getting blown up. We are a proud, simple people.

  • Trailer/boner alert: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 30th April 2011

    Revenge Of The Fallen be damned: I'm going to stop pretending I'm not excited about Transformers 3. IT HAS A GIANT ROBOT SNAKE IN IT. How could it possibly fail?

  • Transformers 3 title gets all Pink Floyd on us

    Movie News | Ali | 6th October 2010

    The title for the third Transformers movie has been revealed, and it's a doozy: find out what it is, after the break. And hey, Megatron: leave those bots alone!