Shrek Forever After

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  • Shrek Forever After

    Movie Review | Rob | 30th June 2010

    Shrek has been the flagship franchise of DreamWorks Animation for nigh on a decade now, constantly pulling at the coat tails of Pixar like a child desperate to be listened to. But after the underwritten, overflowing Shrek The Third failed to live up to the first two, DreamWorks may have thought about milking another potential franchise dry and retiring this old ogre back to his muddy puddle.

  • Shrek fashion mag photoshoot is confusing, Zoolander-esque

    Movie News | Ali | 15th April 2010

    In one of the most idiotic PR stunts ever, Paramount gave the blessing for their Shrek characters to appear in a fashion mag photoshoot, later to discover that - shock horror - the pictures were a little provocative.

  • Shrek Forever After trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 18th December 2009

    Damn. I guess the fact there's a trailer for a fourth Shrek film means they're probably going to go ahead and make it, huh?