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  • Skyline

    Movie Review | Rob | 14th November 2010

    Take a generous scoop of Independence Day, a hearty dollop of War of The Worlds, a pinch of Cloverfield and a sprinkling of every other sci-fi film you can think of and what do you end up with? Skyline - a slapdash alien invasion movie directed by a poor man's Wachowski Brothers that's big on visual effects but small on everything else.

  • Skyline trailer #2 is much better

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th September 2010

    It'll still probably be awful. But fun all the same. Because even the worst alien invasion films are better than a punch in the dick.

  • Skyline trailer hopes you've never seen an alien invasion movie before

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th August 2010

    It's been at least 36 hours since the last alien invasion movie was released: high time for another close encounter. Of the turd kind? (*ponders*)