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  • 5 potential sequels to Source Code

    Movie Feature | Ali | 31st March 2011

    With Source Code sure to be a big smash ("It's Groundhog Day meets Inception meets Quantum Leap meets Prince Of Persia!"), Duncan Jones had better start thinking about sequels. Think no further.

  • Source Code

    Movie Review | Matt | 17th March 2011

    As Moon sky-rocketed Bowie sprog Duncan Jones on to the exciting list of Talented New Filmmakers to Watch, it also automatically placed him on the sinister register entitled Don't Fuck Up the Next One. Now, while I'm going to try to keep this review relatively spoiler-free, I can reveal that, thankfully, he didn't. (*whispers*) It's really good.

  • Duncan Jones makes sci-fi thriller with Gyllenhaal

    Movie News | Matt | 9th November 2009

    One small step with Moon has turned into a giant leap for director Duncan Jones, as his mooted projects are getting lined up thick and fast. For now, though, it has been confirmed that sci-fi thriller Source Code is next, teaming him up with notorious Vowel Thief&atrade; Jake Gyllenhaal.