Star Wars Episode Vii

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  • A brief history of New Star Wars Trailer Day

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 28th November 2014

    Happy New Star Wars Trailer Day everyone! While the world and its web awaits the first non-shitty-camcorder footage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, let's bide our time by learning a little about this most prestigious of national holidays. Are you all wearing your traditional Imperial robes? Then I'll begin!

  • Ten potential roles for Simon Pegg in Star Wars Episode VII

    Movie Feature | Neil | 4th February 2013

    Now that J-Jabs is confirmed as director of Star Wars: Episode VII, it seems like a mere formality that at some point his lucky charm from Mission: Impossible III and the Star Treks, Simon Pegg, will be cast in the film. No doubt Jabrams is wondering right now what part Pegg could possibly play. Well, WONDER NO MORE, JABRAMOVITCH!

  • A heartfelt plea to all film bloggers and editors regarding Star Wars

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th November 2012

    It has been approximately one week since the Disney/Lucasfilm merger, and the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII for release in 2015. Seven days. In this time, the rumour mill has already kicked into overdrive. Film bloggers, writers, editors, hear me: I'm making a polite request. Stop it. Just stop it. Right now.