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  • LFF 2015: Suffragette

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 14th October 2015

    The gender-discriminated world of Suffragette is so far removed from my everyday life as to be completely unrecognisable, much less relatable. Which means that I should either a) credit how far we have come as a society since then, or b) immediately own up to the fact that I am a 30-something white male who has never had to contend with any prejudices or glass ceilings in his life. Either way, join me as I nervously criticise a film about the kind of tragic societal injustice of which I am entirely unqualified to discuss thanks to my having a penis.

  • Awesome new Suffragette poster unveiled at Comic Con

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 14th July 2015

    Liked it when Bruce Wayne looked angry three times in the space of three minutes while Superman didn’t say a single word? Cheered when The Joker smiled at the camera and er… that’s it? Then look out, fanboys and fangirls, because this time we have hit the Comic Con motherload.