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  • The Babadook

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 28th October 2014

    It’s an impressively crowded market on the run-up to Halloween this year. For us sickos we have all manner of chilling treats lined up for our midnight viewing pleasure. There's the slightly shit looking Ouija, marketed as Hasbro’s first ever horror film (next up: ‘Spirograph’ a never-ending Saw style franchise that induces vertigo in every viewer). There’s Annabelle, a prequel and spin-off (Spinquel! Preq-off!!) to last year’s surprisingly not shit The Conjuring. Then there’s also the very shit Dracula Untold and The Boxtrolls which isn’t shit but is unfortunately also not a horror movie.

  • Horror movie stills that look a bit like Vic & Bob sketches out of context #1

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 9th October 2014

    By all accounts The Babadook is very scary, but all I get from this still is a vague longing for George Dawes.