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  • The Book Of Eli

    Movie Review | Darren | 23rd January 2010

    Perhaps it's a reflection on the slightly darker times we live in, but cinema has come over all post-apocalyptic as we enter 2010: vampires preying on the few remaining living in Daybreakers; Viggo Mortensen battling for survival in a grim new world in The Road; and the forthcoming Legion will feature a retelling of the end of days. So much for entering the New year with a sense of optimism. The Book Of Eli furrows all too familiar post-apocalyptic territory with a grim vision of the future that is entirely bland and rather phoney.

  • The Book Of Eli trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 27th September 2009

    Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic road movies, religious allegories and desaturated palletes? This trailer for The Book Of Eli might just tick all your boxes and more.