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  • The Hangover: Part III

    Movie Review | Ali | 22nd May 2013

    Only now that it has reached its merciful conclusion, we can see that The Hangover trilogy plays out a lot like a night of drunken excess. To start with, everything you say or do seems riotously funny and original. Then, as the night grows old, the attention goes to your head; you begin to repeat yourself, and your humour takes on a nasty edge. Finally, three sheets to the wind and completely intoxicated on your own brilliance, you become boorish, hateful, unnecessarily violent, idiotic and completely unrecognisable from the man you once were. That's certainly how my Saturday nights usually pan out, anyway.

  • Insufferable berk of the day

    Movie News | Ali | 25th April 2013

    Speaking in an Empire interview, Phillips went on to defend the $500m sequel, saying "It annoys me when people say it's lazy," before clarifying: "Yes, we do a wake-up and a blackout, but every joke in Hangover II is completely different." I think he means they're literally not the same jokes. Like, he didn't just re-use the old footage. Set your watch for April 2023.

  • Is Ken Jeong Hollywood's most irritating man?

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th April 2013

    The new poster for The Hangover: Part III is here, and Ken Jeong looks more punchable than ever, even in two dimensions. Is Jeong the most annoying actor working in Hollywood? (Spoiler: he is).

  • In pictures: 7 possible plots for The Hangover: Part III

    Movie Feature | Ali | 6th June 2011

    Hollywood's most talented writers are already hard at work doing a find and replace on the script for The Hangover: Part III. Maybe they'll find some inspiration from our possible plot devices.

  • Muppets 1, Wolfpack 0

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 26th May 2011

    Look, it's another teaser trailer for The Muppets, this time riffing on - and therefore improving on - The Hangover: Part II.

  • The Hangover: Part II

    Movie Review | Ali | 26th May 2011

    "It happened again..." groans Bradley Cooper down the phone in The Hangover: Part II's opening scene. "Worse than you can even imagine." Woah. Pretty bold to open your sequel with a line that could so easily be interpreted as prophetic there, Mr Cooper. While Hangover 2: The Drunkening isn't quite as bad as you can imagine, it is precisely what you expect: same shit, different continent.