The Transporter

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  • The Transporter Refuelled

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 4th September 2015

    So where the Transporter series once ran on the balding bad-assery of Jason Statham, now it has been 'refuelled' with... what, exactly? New action hero Ed Skrein - a former Game Of Thrones star extra - is hardly a nitrous gas boost worthy of such a title boast, is he? He isn't even fit to be called the Super Unleaded Stath. Surely, the 'refuelled' Transporter is only something to get excited about if the titular role was played by someone like franchise viagara Dwayne Johnson, who can provide extra lead in Frank Martin's pencil/engine. Or, wait, I've got it! Vin Diesel! Aw, c'mon. That would be perfect. What do I win?

  • Irony alert: Poster for the Transporter film that breaks its own first rule

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 22nd March 2015

    No Jason Statham? No deal. Oh wait, unless we abide by Rule #2 because then that doesn't matter, right? I'm so confused. Sod it, let's just follow Rule #3 too and not bother to see this.

  • This is how the trailer for Brick Mansions credits Luc Besson

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 1st April 2014

    Don't even know how to words. (Trailer here: it's Paul Walker's remake of District 13, in case you were wondering).