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  • Entourage

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 16th June 2015

    It is hard, as a fan of a TV show, to divorce yourself from your feelings for it and watch the end-of-series movie without prejudice. And probably you shouldn't: it's meant for you, as a sort of valedictory reward for your loyalty. But then releasing it in cinemas suggests a pitch to a wider audience, so while it might satisfy the existing viewer, as Entourage sort-of-just-about does, you wonder who else they're expecting to queue up for tickets.

  • Parkland

    Movie Review | Rob Young | 18th November 2013

    The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963 is still a source of huge debate. As the 50th anniversary approaches, investigative journalist-turned director Peter Landesman cares not for conspiracy theories, second gunmen, magic bullets, grassy knolls or book depositories. Instead, he's just happy to brag about how much more he knows about JFK than we do.

  • Here is how my interview with Tom Hiddleston began

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 29th October 2013

    This is unrelated to the interview, but you're my most famous Twitter follower. That's a source of great pride.

    Tom Hiddleston: Ah, you're Ali@TheShiznit? Come on! [Offers up a high five] High five to that! You didn't say you were from The Shiznit!

    I tend to not introduce myself as The Shiznit.

    TH: I actually love reading your interviews, they're very interesting.

    And this wasn't even the most embarrassing thing to happen in the interview. You'll have to head on over to Virgin Movies to read the full thing.

  • Thor: The Dark World

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 24th October 2013

    "How is space?"
    "Space is fine."

    Isn't it nice that superhero movies don't feel the need to take themselves seriously any more? Even Thor, the superhero with the most potential to be a massive space ponce, is – for want of a better word – smashing it. The Dark Knight trilogy was brooding and brilliant, no one is disputing that, but now that Batman has been put to bed, it feels like the real fun can begin. Marvel are on a hot-streak (if you ignore Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk and shut up) and their Thor sequel sees that string of hits continue; The Dark World arrives in the same vein as Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3 i.e. laden with lots of fun, lots of laughs and so much charisma that even the minor characters matter. Who'd have thought a throwaway interaction between Thor and Kat Dennings' comic relief Darcy would end up being the funniest exchange of the movie?

  • Poster trend: bigging up the little guy

    Movie Feature | Ali | 2nd August 2013

    A new poster for Thor: The Dark World has been released, and features every resident of Asgard who has ever lived. It's systematic of a trend: squeeze every single famous person in the film on the poster, even if it makes them so small they're basically just a smush of pixels.

  • The best of #ThorInLondon

    Movie Feature | Neil | 23rd April 2013

    The release of the first teaser for Thor: The Dark World revealed that one of the film's thrilling locations was ye olde London Town, home of this very blog what it is that you are reading. Taking my cue from this flimsy starting point, I achieved a lifelong ambition by creating a Twitter hashtag that didn't die a death within five minutes: #ThorInLondon. And then, to push my luck even further, I made a whole blog post out of it. Coming soon, Thor In London: The Movie Of The Blog Post Of The Hashtag Of The Trailer Of The Movie.

  • Is this a Thor poster?

    Movie Feature | Matt | 20th April 2013

    Find out with this handy, sarcastic flowchart...

  • Spoilers! New Thor 2 set photo reveals 'giant mecha cock' plot

    Movie Feature | Matt | 12th November 2012

    Or it could just be an awkwardly photographed loincloth. Either way HILARIOUS BONER PICTURE ALERT (via


    Movie News | Ali | 28th June 2012

    For maximum enjoyment, please play the below track while watching this endless loop of logogasm. (Mega-scoop courtesy of Collider).

  • Interview: Clark Gregg

    Movie Feature | Matt | 26th April 2012

    Here's my final Avengers cast interview and it's fair to say that I've saved the big guns 'til last: Agent Coulson. It turns out that Clark Gregg who plays him is a massive comic-book geek who is happy to talk forever on the subject. It made for a great talk, but it was a bastard to transcribe. So please try to enjoy this twice as much to make it all worthwhile.