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  • Dark Shadows

    Movie Review | Matt | 10th May 2012

    Time to break out the Tim Burton checklist then. Comedy-horror with supernatural elements? Check. Johnny Depp? Obvs. Score by Danny Elfman? Yuh-huh. Helena Bonham Carter? Of course. Pop culture retread? Yes. The time has long passed when one of Hollywood's most original directors has become a parody of himself. And as his once twisted gothic visuals have now given way to colourful cartoonish CGI, you have to ask "Damn - why didn't you make a vampire movie 15 years ago?"

  • Dark Shadows character posters given kooky face-swap makeover

    Movie Feature | Ali | 27th March 2012

    It's easy to make a poster for a Tim Burton film. Whack up the contrast, choose your gaudy neon colour highlight and let the PosterTron 6000 software do the rest. We thought the characters for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows were lacking something. So we made them better.

  • How to make a horror movie: Person Of Historical Significance + Monster

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd December 2011

    The first poster for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter got me thinking: is it really that easy to make a horror movie? Take a person of historical significance and pit them against a monster? TURNS OUT IT IS.

  • World reacts in shock as Tim Burton's new film 'gothic in style'

    Movie News | Ali | 22nd September 2011

    Entertainment Weekly, who don't entertain me nearly weekly enough, have released the first still from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, which he apparently made with bits left over from all his other films.

  • Alice In Wonderland 3D

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th February 2010

    Stop me if you've heard this one before. A literary adaptation by Tim Burton, set in a twisted, multi-coloured alternate universe, starring Johnny Depp as a borderline weirdo and Helena Bonham Carter as a loud-mouthed, pasty-faced kook. Sound familiar?

  • Tim Burton jumps on the vampwagon

    Movie News | Matt | 7th December 2009

    Tim Burton has his next film lined up after the release of Alice In Wonderland...and it's about vampires. Of course it is. Why would anyone want to make a film about anything else?

  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    Movie Review | Ali | 15th August 2005

    You won't have to hunt long and hard to find a bigger Tim Burton fan than me. The man's had his moments, yes, but when I look at his goofy face, his intentionally wacky haircut and those unavoidable goth overtones, a switch inside me just flips to 'not bothered' (it's like, Tim, you already pulled that pasty-faced Bonham-Carter...