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  • What are the six best movies?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 29th August 2017

    As a film fan, I often wonder what the best films are. Which ones are best? Which ones do people like? Are some films more liked than others? You have to admit, it's interesting. Films, I mean. Some are great, but others are just brilliant. Some are bad but most are okay. It's a wide spectrum. But what if there was some sort of ranking of the films? In order of quality. That's what I'm going to try right now. What are the best movies? Let's find out. What are the best ones. (Films)?

  • DVD weekly: Titanic

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 17th April 2012

    Not receiving the preview DVD you were expecting is pretty low on anyone's list of first-world problems, but still I've managed to base this DVD review of Titanic on an episode and a bit that I caught between Aviva adverts on the ITV Player. The result being: it's far more judgemental and far less well-informed.

  • So that's why he went down there...

    Movie News | Luke | 30th March 2012

    Source: a shit joke I made on twitter.

  • ITV's Titanic to be longer than Titanic, possibly worse

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 27th December 2011

    Morning, ITV. What do you reckon to this dead horse I've got here? Hey, stop flogging it! I'll have to take it to the vet's now. Yes, I know it's dead already. I didn't think the whole scenario through, all right? Shut up, ITV.

  • See the new Titanic 3D poster and trailer (in 2D)

    Movie News | Luke | 17th November 2011

    James Cameron's 3D re-realisation of the infamous ill-fated maiden voyage sets sail with a new poster and trailer. We up periscope to take a look. Something something poop deck.

  • Titanic 2 trailer makes so much sense

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th July 2010

    Suck it, Cameron.

  • Cinemassholes #4: The Old Lady In Titanic

    Movie Feature | | 23rd July 2005

    Like Edwin Starr said before he died: Old people, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing. I don't need to tell you that they all smell of stale biscuits and that they pretend to be deaf, at least until someone asks them to set the table. All they do is serve as a constant reminder that your hair is going to fall out, your...