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  • The Great Gatsby

    Movie Review | Matt | 19th May 2013

    If you could attend any party hosted by a Hollywood director, you'd want it to be Baz Luhrmann's, wouldn't you? I reckon he just beats out J.J. Abrams' cosplay event in the fun stakes, and you'd certainly want to avoid the intimate get-together round Lars Von Trier's house (*shudder*). Luhrmann clearly knows how to pull out all the stops - as evidenced in the ridiculously extravagant Gatsby gatherings here. The problem with this film, however, is that once we've seen one magnificently ostentatious evening, everything after fails to live up to the spectacle. Luhrmann basically invites us to the world's greatest party, but it's one that slowly sours over the course of the following two hours. At least James Cameron's uncompromising pool party would be consistent.

  • The 10 greatest Gatsby trailer faces

    Movie Feature | Ali | 5th April 2013

    Baz Luhrmann: master of subtlety.

  • Comparing the origin stories of the Spider-Men

    Movie Feature | Matt | 26th November 2012

    As The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on DVD and Blu-ray today, let’s take a closer look at how it compares to that other - completely different - Spider-Man film about how Spider-Man became Spider-Man.

  • Brothers

    Movie Review | Kirsty | 24th January 2010

    Is it just me, or has there not been a good comedy out in months? Thanks very much, Oscar season, for a series of thoughtful, harrowing dramas that put you right off your popcorn in the harsh, cold light of day. Yeah gang, let's all go to the movies on a Friday night! That'll be fun! (*sigh*)

  • Sony starts over with Spider-Man

    Movie News | Matt | 12th January 2010

    The Spider-man dispute is finally over - Sony have ditched plans for Spidey 4, sent Raimi, Maguire and co. packing and will completely reboot the franchise in 2012. In your face, true believers!

  • Tobey Maguire to be Bilbo Baggins?

    Movie News | Matt | 14th December 2009

    Tobey Maguire to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit? And here I thought the advances in CGI meant that they didn't have to cast a short-arse.

  • Spider-Man 4 due in May 2011

    Movie News | Matt | 16th September 2009

    With the nightmares of a jiving Toby Maguire thankfully fading, we can now look forward to the next instalment of the Spider-man franchise. The webslinger's fourth big screen outing has been given an official release date of 5 May 2011.

  • Spider-Man 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd September 2004

    "With great power comes great responsibility." These words more than any others were hammered home in the first instalment of Spider-Man, an ethos passed down from his uncle that Peter Parker came to live by. Bizarrely enough, it became something of a motto for director Sam Raimi, too; the plaudits he received for th...