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  • The Circle

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 4th July 2017

    The tech-firm thriller seems to have supplanted the gangster movie as the modern-day American Dream story. Exploit free markets with entrepreneurial spirit, cut a few corners, hubris, rise and fall, regret, redemption. By now I thought we were past the point of techno-cautionary tales which ask whether the internet is a good or a bad thing, largely because the @dog_rates Twitter account has proved beyond all doubt that it is the former, and yet here we are.

  • Sully: Miracle On The Hudson

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 29th November 2016

    In times of crisis, look to Hanks. America's on its arse and what it needs now more than ever is a man whose Twitter account is dedicated to finding gloves on the streets of New York, not making baseless claims of voter fraud. Inferno got it wrong, but Sully understands better what sort of hero Hanks can be: the kind who manages to land a malfunctioning aeroplane but afterwards just wants everyone to stop going on about it.

  • Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 30th October 2016

    It's the latest internet picture sensation! Can you work out which man is in the photo: actor Tom Hanks or actor Bill Murray? Sounds like fun! Because it is! So come on then! Fucking have a go!

  • Inferno

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 18th October 2016

    By now you'll have heard that Inferno is awful, not that your hopes were high, and you don't need me to confirm it. Maybe the books make terrible source material, but come on, it's Hanks and Howard: how bad could it be? Well, not as bad as The Da Vinci Code, to be fair, but still pretty darned bad.

  • A Hologram for the King

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 20th May 2016

    If you're putting together a wall-mounted Hanks matrix, which I'm sure practically all of you are, pin A Hologram for the King somewhere in the gaping chasm between The Terminal and Cast Away. A man is adrift in a foreign land, and you wouldn't give a shit if he wasn't Tom Hanks. Hologram tries your patience a bit, but its leading man carries it, like he always bloody does.

  • No Hanksy-panky: the curiously sexless Tom Hanks

    Movie Feature | Ed Williamson | 4th May 2016

    In Tom Hanks's new film, A Hologram for the King, he has sex with a woman. Get in, my son! It's an actual sex scene with boobs and everything. As the United Kingdom's foremost Hanksologist, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen this before. (A proper Hanks sex scene, I mean: I've definitely seen boobs. No, you don't know her; it was when I was on holiday.) So why is this?

  • Saving Mr Banks

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 26th November 2013

    As obvious an awards tilt as Disney knows Saving Mr Banks to be, it seems more of a mid-budget passion project. How better to venerate its beloved founder than have cuddly ol' Tom Hanks play him? But transparent self-promotion aside - this is Disney, after all - what's really interesting is how it plays out as white-washing advocacy for the process of Hollywoodizing a popular product, using emotion rather than reason to sweep you along and make you root for the studio. And the fact that the film is itself a Hollywoodization of true events.

  • #LFF2013: Captain Phillips

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 20th October 2013

    It’s got awards buzz written all over it. It’s based on a true story with all the focus on one man, played with complete conviction by a two-time Oscar winner. It’s a gripping, compelling, terrifyingly tense drama delivering complete authenticity and utmost sincerity. Welcome to Hanks! In An Adventure With Pirates!

  • If ITV ran Hollywood

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 14th October 2013

    Don't fuck with The Schofield. He's the ITV equivalent of Steven Seagal: "I'm just a daytime TV presenter..."

  • Notorious photobomber returns for Captain Phillips poster

    Movie Feature | Matt | 27th July 2013

    Oh noes, not this guy again!