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  • Great news for fans of good things: Paddy Considine's new film is written

    Movie News | Ali | 19th March 2013

    Paddy Considine, actor extraordinaire and director of our favourite movie of 2011, has announced on Twitter that he's finished writing his new movie: an adaptation of Jon Hotten's true life tale The Years Of The Locust. As long as it doesn't open with a dog being kicked to death, it'll be the most exciting film of next year.

  • Tyrannosaur

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th October 2011

    One of the major problems people seemed to have with Joe Cornish's Attack The Block was that the protagonists were essentially thugs – armed youths who kicked off the movie by mugging a nurse. It's a tough job to have audiences rally round such a loutish lot and requires one hell of a knack for character to win them over. Well, Tyrannosaur opens with the lead character kicking his own dog to death. Just imagine how hard Peter Mullan and Paddy Considine have to work to make amends for that.