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  • Up In The Air

    Movie Review | Kirsty | 14th January 2010

    Remember before pre-printed boarding passes, when you'd be queuing at check-in for 30 minutes, manically searching for your passport and tickets, only to have someone roll past you with their top-of-the line Samsonite holdall with dedicated laptop and "liquids" compartments, sail through first class check-in and security and be in their high-end Hertz hire cars before you even had your already dog-eared boarding pass in your sweaty little hand? Don't be too quick to envy their flashy suits and graphite members cards.

  • Up In The Air teaser trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 9th September 2009

    George Clooney wants you to think about your life. Like, seriously. But it'll be lighthearted, because it's from the director of Juno, homeskillet. Thundercats are GO! Etc.