War Horse

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  • A collection of pictures of animals being paid to watch films

    Movie Feature | Ali | 3rd May 2012

    Animals! Films! Animals watching films! It's the most Sun-friendly gallery we've ever done! Expect to see it on Perez Hilton in days!

  • War Horse

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th January 2012

    At the screening of War Horse I attended, there were people in floods of tears. Floods. Not just quiet, reflective sobbing, but that godless, wretched honking that's usually accompanied by snot and friends who wish they were somewhere else. Me? I didn't shed a single tear – I walked out of there like Moses parting a salty sea. Bear in mind I once got a bit teary because I thought one of my cats was upset with me, and that should tell you a little about me, but everything about War Horse. It's about as manipulative a film has Steven Spielberg has ever made – a movie that's been custom-designed from the ground up to play a sad harp solo on the heartstrings; a story cynically told to invoke as many tears as possible. You'd swear it was bankrolled by Kleenex.

  • Dammit War Horse, I will NOT let you make me cry

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th October 2011

    Empire have a new trailer for Steven Spielberg's War Horse, which looks totally lame. Now if you'll excuse me, my ocular muscles are emitting salty liquid unrelated to emotions.

  • Making the War Horse poster better one letter at a time

    Movie News | Ali | 29th September 2011

    So here we have the poster for Steven Spielberg's War Horse, with its lovely pastels and humble tales of wartime heroics. Guess what? I found a way to make it better with the addition of a simple letter.

  • Sing with me: War... HORSE! Yeah... What is it good for?

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th June 2011

    Absolutely nothing? Play it again, y'all - it's the trailer for Steven Spielberg's War Horse. (That was to be sung to the tune of Edwin Starr's 'War', if that wasn't abundantly clear).

  • Why the long face? Spielberg's new movie: war as seen by a horse

    Movie News | Ali | 4th May 2010

    After he's done with TinTin, Steven Spielberg will direct War Horse: a World War I story set from the point of view of, um, a horse. Seriously. Wanted: a Saving Private Ryan pun, but with horses.