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  • Make your own Rorschach mask

    Movie News | Ali | 1st January 2011

    Some bright spark has invented his very own shapeshifting Rorschach mask, and you can too. All you need is your own grappling gun and crippling sense that society has let you down and must be punished.

  • Watchmen sequels on the way?

    Movie News | Matt | 4th February 2010

    Hollywood may have given us lightsabers, hoverboards, killer robots from the future and Lord Nicolas Cage, but I am currently a mere gag reflex away from spewing vengeful loathing all over its starched shirt and tie-pin.

  • DC comics to become films in new 'great idea' shocker

    Movie News | Matt | 7th October 2009

    DC Entertainment is all set to get serious about films, deciding to push on with previously stalled projects of favourite characters. In other news, Stan Lee has worked out how much change he'd have left if he bought the planet Earth.

  • Watchmen

    Movie Review | Ali | 26th February 2009

    Dear Alan Moore, Hi. How are you? We hope Northampton is nice this time of year. I mean, obviously it's not, but unlike Zack Snyder, at least we're aware that it isn't in London. In fact, that Snyder fellow is the reason we're writing to you. We're sure you're aware his adaptation of your timeless graphic novel Watchmen is ab...