Amy Adams in Leap Year movie trailer


14th November 2009

Dear Amy Adams. Please do not appear in any more terrible romcoms. If you do not consider changing your course of action, I will be forced to stop stalking you. Yours, Mr X. P.S. You are almost out of mustard.

Amy Adams is one of the only bona fide stars I've ever sat down and done a face to face interview with (for Enchanted), therefore I feel extremely protective over her and her body of work. We had a thing, you see. I asked her questions and she answered them! That sound you could hear? That was us clicking, baby.

Therefore, it's a shame to see her go down the inevitable route of the romcom with Leap Year. It's a path she's not really walked before - Julie & Julia was a bit more weighty, while Sunshine Cleaning was actually quite dark - but this looks painfully average, not to mention the fact that the trailer gives away around two-thirds of the movie's plot.

I might as well spoil the other third: she probably picks Ozymandias.

P.S. Nice to see Hollywood have boned up on their geography of the British Isles. Diverting a flight from the US to Dublin to Cardiff, Wales? An offer to drive her there instead? I think not, especially not if all those cows on the road have anything to do with it! LOL! Cuh, what's our crumbling empire like, eh?

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