Arena could be the movie of our times. Of all times.


2nd August 2011

The bizarre career choices of Samuel L. Jackson continue unabated, in CGI-heavy boss battler Arena.

Jurassic Park. Pulp Fiction. The Phantom Menace. Not exactly the resume of a Hollywood wash-up. So why does Samuel L. Jackson persist in littering his extensive filmography with turd after glistening turd? Obviously he's amazingly watchable in them all, but the mind boggles at how the man who once played Carl Hailey in A Time To Kill also made time to cameo as Shaft for the WWF. Maybe he just really loves his chosen craft. Or money. Or wrestling. Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

So anyway, here we are in 2011 faced with the sort of drivel Jean-Claude Van Damme used to wring out of his sweaty mullet in the 90s: kidnapped against will, forced to fight enemies of incrementing difficulty - if you've played Street Fighter II: Turbo then you know the score. The muscle in tow is Kellan Lutz (one of the lesser Twilight hunks), who may or may not get revenge on his captors. I'll let you ponder that one - do I look like one of the 3 people it took to write this?

Of course we made an animated gif:

If generic pit battles aren't your thing, then how about giving this trailer for a 1989 movie also titled Arena a try - it's got aliens AND a cyborg!

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