Attack The Block trailer, innit


3rd March 2011

It's like Battle: Los Angeles, but in South London.

If you were wondering what the non-bearded half of Adam & Joe has been getting up to over the last few years, he's been moulding himself into a bloody star in the making in the world of film. Not only is Joe Cornish working on the screenplay for the new Tintin movie (directed by Steven H. Spielberg), but he's making his directorial debut with Attack The Block.

If you were expecting it to be a feature-length spoof of a popular movie as acted out by cuddly toys, prepare to be disappointed. It's actually an alien invasion movie, though instead of watching world landmarks crumble and seeing brave Marines empty full clips into invading ETs, we get to see it all from the point of view of a gang of South London hoodies. Blud.

It all looks like ruddy good fun, exactly the kind of movie Joe Dante would have made back in the day. Critics have been raving about it all day after an advance screening yesterday (which obviously I was far too unimportant to attend) but I'm going to hold my breath for as long as it takes until I get to see it and share my opinionoids with you.

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