Bad Teacher trailer: Cameron Diaz is a naughty girl


23rd February 2011

Cameron Diaz's new movie, Bad Teacher, has a red-band trailer. Let's just say she hasn't got a hope in Hell of passing her OFSTED inspection at this rate. And that's no laughing matter.

Swearing is funny, right? Little kids are dicks, correct? And hot women... they are always welcome at your house? Assuming you agree with all three of these statements, Bad Teacher looks like being the single greatest movie of the 21st century so far. Prove me wrong, millennium. (*narrows eyes*)

Yeah yeah. It's all the rude bits strung together to make it look hilarious. I know there's going to be hugging and learning at the end. Even Bad Santa had hugging and learning, and Bad Teacher is just Bad Santa at school and not Christmas. But it's Cameron Diaz in a not-shit movie, telling us she wants to sit on Justin Timberlake's face. In character, obviously.

Benefit of the doubt? You've earned it, Diaz.

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